Welcome to the online shop! The shop is a work in progress as I add more products as I develop new ideas. Everything I sell is what I personally use myself so I know the quality is great and I know how to get the most out of it.

If you are a beginner at needle felting you may want to start with the Starter Pack which gives you some core wool, needles, a rice sack and some coloured wool to play with. 


You can also head over to my Free Tutorials and see what I'm making with the wool, I try to pack in as many tips and techniques as I can to make your needle felting journey an enjoyable learning curve. The tutorials have an accompanying felting kit whch you can purhase containing everything you need  for that project.

The wool I sell is carded Corridale which has short fibres that are all criss crossing each other. This makes it super easy to needle felt with and blend together to make your own colours. 

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