Felt two colourful rainbows with the beginners needel felting kit.


Following a video tutorial, you will be taken step by step through the process of making a cheerful rainbow (approx 5 inched across) with a fluffy cloud and optional raindrops.


Please note there are no paper instructions with this kit, you will need to watch the video which can be found under 'Free Tutorials' on the website (clicking the link will take you there)


The Kit does contain the printed Template Sheet which you can use as a guide to gettting the rainbow and cloud shape just right.



What's included in your kit:


Coloured wool (carded Corridale) in the following colours:


Leaf Green







Cheviot core wool for the base of the rainbow

2 x 38g felting needles

Template sheet

Video tutorial (no printed instructions)


PLEASE NOTE: I do not supply a felting base with this kit. These are available as an add on in the drop down menu.

(Colours of the wool may change slightly depending on availability)



Who is the needle felting kit suitable for?


Suitable for complete beginners and those who are crafters already and who want to learn and develop their skills or just make something fun and simple!


The rainbows look super cute mounted on card and given as a greeting/birthday card. You could also glue a magnet on the back and display them on your fridge or thread some embroidery thread through them to make a loop and hang tehm up in your home.


Try using the colours in a different order for each rainbow to make them unique.


Are there any special requirements?


Good eye sight and somewhere comfortable to work is beneficial. A cup of tea also helps somewhat.


Children aged 11+ can needle felt with supervision from an adult due to the nature of the barbed needles being quite sore should you accidentially poke your finger with one. These are NOT toys, they are decorative ornaments. Keep away from pets too!


How long will it take to make?


A couple of hours to make the first one and once you have the hang of it, you will find it much easier to make the second rainbow


Needle felted Rainbow kit (makes 2 rainbows)

Choose your hessian rice sack option:
  • Items are posted using Royal Mail 1st Class and proof of postage is obtained. 

    There is a 50p surcharge on all postage for packaging materials.

    I post Monday to Friday.

  • I endeavour to make my needle felting kits and postal packaging as environmentally friendly as possible so please note the following:


    I do not supply a foam felting base to work on. After a few uses they break up and get stuck to your work resulting in them being thrown in the bin. Instead, I use  and sell hessian rice sacks which can be re used many times and then recycled. You need only purchase one of them and then any additional needle felting you do can be done on the same rice sack.

    You buy the empty sack, fill it with rice and sew up the opening. The rice can be re used in a different sack and the old hessian will compost down in the compost heap.

    Spare wool will be made good use of by the birds at spring time or you can  compost down in the compost heap.

    The postage packaging and felting kit packaging can be reused or recycled. The brown tape is recylable also.

    Sometimes I recycle any plastic packaging I have to hand when posting the felting kits. It's not the most attractive but it does the job and keeps your kit clean and dry on it's journey to you.

    Your kit inside will be presented and packaged with care.



needle felted Alpaca


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