When using felting needles you need to work on a soft and supportive base to protect your needles from breakage and also to protect your work surface (or your lap if you like to felt whilst watching TV!)


I have tried different bases to work on including dense foam padding, brush mats and old cushions and the rice sack is by far my favourite. 


To fill the empty rice sack, you just roll up a sheet of A4 paper into a cone shape and gently pour 1.2 KG  of rice into the sack and then sew up by hand to keep the rice safely inside. 


Every now and then you will need to de fuzz the surface by pulling out any built up fibres. If you no longer need your rice sack you can simply empty the rice into the compost bin or food waste bin and the empty sack, which is biodegradable, can be recycled with textile waste or left to break down in your garden compost.


These hessian sacks are approximately 8 by 6 inches and arrive WITHOUT rice, ready for you to fill up and sew shut.



Hessian Rice Sack

  • I endeavour to make my needle felting kits and postal packaging as environmentally friendly as possible so please note the following:


    I do not supply a foam felting base to work on. After a few uses they break up and get stuck to your work resulting in them being thrown in the bin. Instead, I use  and sell hessian rice sacks which can be re used many times and then recycled. You need only purchase one of them and then any additional needle felting you do can be done on the same rice sack.

    You buy the empty sack, fill it with rice and sew up the opening. The rice can be re used in a different sack and the old hessian will compost down in the compost heap.


    Your kit will arrive in a cardboard box which you can re use and eventually recycle. The box will be wrapped in packaging paper, which again, can be recycled. 


    Spare wool will be made good use of by the birds at spring time or you can  compost down in the compost heap.