Christmas Bumper pack of carded wools and accessories with tutorials/design ideas! 


Tutorials are being added weekly, Santa is available to make now! 


If you just want the PDF tutorials, you can purchase them here


This bumper pack contains everything you need to create your own set of Christmas themed decorations. With 13 different colours of carded wool, pipe cleaners, eyes, core wool and free tutorials with step by step guides (online instructions only, a code will be supplied to access the tutorials page on your computer. A desk top is best but the page will be optimised for mobile users too)


The colours have been carefully selected so you have a range of shades in the most popular Christmas colours of red, green and white. Animal colours include two browns, think robins, reindeers... and a grey for a donkey! There are two whites, a creamier white for santa beards etc... and a nice bright white for snowmen.


There are smaller amounts of orange, black and eggshell for the finer details like boots, faces and carrot noses! Blending the different shades of greens together and the different shades of reds togethers gives interesting 'melanges' that add visual interest so experiment and see what you come up with!


The addition of the core wool allows you to save your coloured wool for decorating and adding a top coat of colour to baubles, figures and animals and the pipe cleaners will allow you to build armatures for your festive animals. You can either felt on the eyes or use the black ones provided.


What's included?


  • 25g of each of the following colours:


Greens : Forest, Lichen & Bode (carded Corridale slivers)

Reds : Begonia, Scarlet & Pinwheel (carded Corridale slivers)

Animal : Deer, Fog & Sienna (carded Corridale slivers)


White : carded Corridale slivers in White & New Zealand carded batt in Snow


  • 10g of the following colours:


Eggshell, Marigold & Black (carded Corridale slivers)


  • 100g of Core Wool


(you will either have Corridale batt or Cheviot sliver)


  • Accessories


10 x Cotton Pipe cleaners. These are high quality strong pipe cleaners wrapped in white cotton.


10 x Black push in eyes 6mm (NOT suitable for children, keep away from children and animals)


  • Tutorials and design ideas


There is a Santa tutorial to start you off and more tutorials will be added leading up to Christmas. There are also some design ideas to get your creativity going. These will be on the website and a link and passcode will be included in your bumper pack so you can access them.


The tutorials are in two formats, a downloadable  PDF file and a pictorial video with captions that is mobile friendly.


Your wool will be packed up in a reusable and recyclable cardboard box so you can store your hand made decorations for next Christmas!



*  Also available as single colours to purchase on their own here

* Your wool may contain a very small amount of vegetable matter.

* Please note that I have tried very hard to capture an accurate representation of the wool colour but cannot guarantee complete accuracy due to the difference between computer monitor screens.


Christmas Bumper pack with tutorials

  • Additional info

    Fibre: Corriedale
    Microns: 29-30 Microns
    Fibre Length: 80-120mm

  • Items are posted using Royal Mail 1st Class/2nd Class and proof of postage is obtained. 

    There is a 50p surcharge on all postage for the recyclable packaging materials.

    I post Monday to Friday.


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