Carded Shetland Moorit sliver in natural brown


Shetland is an excellent choice for needle felting with. It is quite soft and fluffy to the touch and the natural shade of brown lends itself well to more natural coloured projects where you may not want a white wool showing through.


The grey makes an ideal base for layering and building up top coats of other natural fibres. It is bulky with short fibres which readily felt together making it easy to work with. It is also great for wet felting. The slivers are about an inch or so wide and are in a complete length.


Carded wool is fleece that has been cleaned and processed into lengths (rovings) The fibres are mixed so they are interwoven and lay in different directions. Carded wool can come in sheets (batts) or slivers (continuous lengths).


Because the wool fibres lay in different directions, it makes it much easier to felt with as the fibres readily bind together.



* Your wool may contain a very small amount of vegetable matter.

* Please note that I have tried very hard to capture an accurate representation of the wool colour but cannot guarantee complete accuracy due to the difference between computer monitor screens.

Carded Shetland Moorit Sliver in natural brown

  • Fibre: 100% Shetland Wool
    Microns: 29-31mic
    Fibre Length: 90mm