Carded Jacob's batting.


A nice lofty, smooth and bouncy batting.

Batting is cleaned and processed fleece that has been carded on a large drum roller so all the fibres are meshed together. It is typically in a big fluffy sheet (think loft insulation but smoother)


It works great for building up shapes for 3D sculptures and also when tearing thin strips off for wrapping around wire armatures. 


A lot easier to work with than core wool as core wool can be quite lumpy to work with as it hasn't been through the carding process so much. 


Batting is my first choice for building up shapes as you can tear off the amount you need and it felts really quickly and smoothly giving a great base to add top coats of wool fibres to build up your project.


Carded Jacob's Batt

  • Fibre: Jacob
    Microns: 26-37mic
    Batt Thickness: approx 2-4cm



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