Carded Cheviot slivers in natural off white


This fibre is super easy to work with and is great for wrapping around wire armatures. The long slivers (lengths) means it is easy to handle as you just need to tear off a strip and then split it length ways to make nice thin pieces that you can easily wrap wire with. 


It's coarser than the Corridale carded slivers and needle felts a bit quicker. I'd recommend using a 36 or 38 guage needle for speedy felting.


This is a great fibre to use and I use it in some of the felting kits as it is so versatile. You can even use it as a top coat as it does felt down qute smooth if you use a higher guage needle like a 40 twisted/star.


Available in 50g and 100g and 200g amounts.





Cheviot sliver in natural white

  • Fibre: Cheviot Wool

    Microns: 30-35mic

    Fibre Length: 100mm