Mounted Bunny Head needle felting pack with video tutorial (makes two bunny heads) 


The mounted bunny head needle felting pack contains the materials needed to make two cute bunny heads mounted on an embroidery hoop.


The kit comes with one embroidery hoop with one sheet of hessian to mount your heads on.


The pack comes with a detailed instructional video tutorial that has been broken down into easy to follow lessons so you can follow along at your own pace.


The video tutorial can be found on a passcode protected page on my website which you can find by heading to the 'tutorials for kits' page in the header menu. The passcode will be provided to you in your felting pack along with a template sheet to guide you with the shapes and sizes.


Lessons include:


➡️ building up the core shape of the rabbit head

➡️ how to make a realistic looking mouth and avoid a common error in making the rabbit's lips

➡️ learn how to make an eye socket for realistic looking eyes

➡️ a neat way for adding tidy looking patterns for the fur

➡️ how to make realistic shaped ears (and learn a little secret on how to fix them to the head!)

➡️ how to prepare your embroidery hoop and mount your bunny head


When you have finished your bunny head you will have learned how to proportionally build up a mounted head and how to align features and patterns with symmetry to create a well formed face.


BONUS LESSON!! I've also included a bonus lesson on how to make needle felted eyes and am confident that this will be a game changer on how you make your eyes in the future!! 


In your pack you will find the following materials:


Core wool 50g for each head

20g of coloured wool for the first bunny in Grey, Light Grey & White

20g of coloured wool for the second bunny in Medium Brown, Light Brown and White

4 marbles


Embroidery hoop (8 inch)

A template sheet to guide you with the shapes and sizes


PLEASE NOTE : there are NO felting needles or rice sack in this supply pack. You can add these in the drop down menu. You will be sent an unfilled rice sack and two 38g triangle needles.


You will also need the following tools/equipment

  • Felting needles and a mat to felt on

  • A tiny pinch of pale pink wool or a light pink felt pen or makeup (blusher)

  • Sharp scissors and a felt pen in light brown and grey

  • A ruler

  • Embroidery thread and sewing needle

Optional but useful:

  • A glue gun is useful but not essential

  • Sewing pins to help with symmetry whilst working on your bunny

  • You may want to card the wool to blend colours, so carders will come in handy but it's not essential


How long will it take to make?


This is quite a big project so allow around 6 hours to make your bunny. The step by step lesson style tutorial will enable you to easily pick up from where you left off if you prefer to spend a few days making your bunny.


Who is the needle felting kit suitable for?


Suitable for more confident beginners and those who are needle felters already who want to learn and develop their skills.


Are there any special requirements?


Good eye sight and somewhere comfortable to work is beneficial. 


Additional info


Children aged 11+ can needle felt with supervision from an adult due to the nature of the barbed needles being quite sore should you accidentially poke your finger with one.


These are NOT toys, they are decorative ornaments. Keep away from pets too!

Bunny Head needle felting pack (makes 2 bunny heads on a hoop)

Optional hessian rice sack & felting needles