Black 6mm plastic push in eyes. Five pairs of eyes (10 in total)


It's amazing how a pair of eyes can really make your felted project come to life! Great for birds, mice and other animals that have been scaled down in size (or little people!)


When fixing them to your project use a small sharp pair of scissors (I use nail scissors as I find these more accurate than embroidery scissors due to the scissor blade being quite long)  to very gently snip a small hole where you want the eyes to go.


Use a gentle snipping action and 'shimmy' the scissors (kind of rotating them then left to right as you gently snip) to create a snug fitting hole, then just gently push the eyes into place. 


If the eyes don't go in don't force them,  just make the hole a little bigger. If you make your hole too big, simply felt the hole in with more wool and start again!


It helps if the face is quite firmly felted. If you are struggling to place the eyes, or they keep popping out it's probably because the face is too squishy.


You may also find it useful to mark where the eyes are going to go with a felt tip pen or use pins so you don't have wonky eyes!


You can use a spot of glue if you want to but I find the eyes don't fall out.


Please note, do not give young children felted gifts with these eyes in as a child would be able to remove them and potentially swallow/choke on them. For adult use only.


The eyes are 6mm across the diameter of the eye (the part that will be visible once you have pushed them into your felting project)



Black 6mm plastic push in eyes (5 pairs)

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