Austrian Bergschaf melanges multi-pack 'Warme Farben'


Featuring the warmer shades from the Austrian Bergschaf collection, this multi-pack contains 25g each of the following colours:











Your wool will arrive packaged in a recyclable cardboard. You can also buy them in single colours here


About the wool


This Austrian Bergschaf carded wool has bulky short fibres which readily felt together making it easy to work with.

Bergschaf is the word used for Mountain Sheep, the fibres are slightly coarse at around 30 -32 microns, but this wool blend is still very soft to the touch.


The slivers are about an inch wide and may not arrive in one continuous length.


Excerp from the wool mill:


The robust wool of the Tyrolean mountain and stone sheep, which spend their summer in the Ötztal on pastures up to 3,000 m high, is purchased locally from around 400 sheep farmers in the Tyrol region. The sheep are of particular importance as landscape conservationists in the Alpine valleys of Tyrol. They ensure that this cultural landscape is preserved. The mountain sheep are sheared twice a year (in spring and autumn) and the wool naturally comes in the colors white, brown, natural black and mixed colors.


Note: I cannot guarantee a consistent ongoing supply of these Melanges so ensure you purchase enough to complete your project!


What is carded wool?


Carded wool is fleece that has been cleaned and processed into batts. The fibres are mixed so they are interwoven and lay in different directions.

Carded wool can come in sheets (batts) or slivers (continuous lengths). Because the wool fibres lay in different directions, it makes it much easier to felt with as the fibres readily bind together.


Please also note:


* Your wool may contain a very small amount of vegetable matter.

*  I have tried very hard to capture an accurate representation of the wool colour but cannot guarantee complete accuracy due to the difference between computer monitor screens.

Austrian Bergschaf melanges multi-pack Warme Farben

  • Fibre: Tyrolean & Stone Mountain Sheep 

    Microns: 30-32 mic
    Thickness: Circa 1-2 inch