Animal themed needle felting starter kit complete with eyes, pipe cleaners, felting needles and an eco friendly hessian rice sack. If you are new to needle felting and don't quite know what to buy or where to start then this starter pack is for you! The pack contains 8 different colours of carded Corridale in 10g amounts in the following colours: FogLight FawnThunderFoxBadgerBearWhiteDeer 50g of core wool3 x felting needles (38g triangle)10 pipe cleaners10 eyesA hessian rice sack to use as a base for felting on (you will need to fill it with rice and sew it shut) These colours are the fast felting carded Corridale wool that I use in my Workshops and Felting Kits.  The kit comes presented in a reuseable cardboard box, the eyes and needles will be contained safely in a Kraft envelope and each colour of wool is labelled so you know what colour you are working with. I have YouTube videos on my YouTube channel and free PDF downloads on my website to help you get started with some projects. You can find them here  Please note: * Your wool may contain a very small amount of vegetable matter.* The colours of the wool may vary slightly but will be as close as is possible to what is in the photos. * Please note that I have tried very hard to capture an accurate representation of the wool colour but cannot guarantee complete accuracy due to the difference between computer monitor screens.

Animal themed needle felting starter pack



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