1.2 mm steel wire SWG 18      

2.5 meters approx


Great for use in wire armature projects, the 18 gauge wire is pliable enough to bend with your fingers yet strong enough to keep it's shape. A goof pair of craft pliers  will be able to cut this wire gauge.


This wire  is suitable for small to medium sized projects and can be doubled or even tripled  up for extra strength. You can bend it into shape with your fingers but for tight bends, pliers are best.



I would recommend using a bit of parcel tape or masking tape on the cut ends when using this wire, so you don't scatch your skin.


Available in a range of gauges with the lower gauge numbers being thicker than the higher gauge numbers (which are thinner)


***Please note the wire comes from a much larger coil and I have tried my upmost to measure exactly 2.5 meters so the length is approx 2.5 meters



1.2 mm steel wire SWG 18g (2.5 meters approx)

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