Maker's Spot Light: Sarah Spooner

This month's spot light interview is with the very talented Sarah Spooner aka Sare's Bears on Instagram. Sarah has been needle felting since March 2020 and has developed her own distinctive style during this time. It was her lovely bears that first caught my eye, read on to learn more about Sarah's needle felting journey...

How long have you been needle felting?

Seven months , I started not long after my 37th birthday.

What inspired you to take up needle felting?

A friend shared a picture of a needle felted fox someone had made and being an avid fox lover I was super interested to see how they had made it as I really wanted to make my own.

What was the first thing you made?

I made a fox and boy was it a challenge! I had really thrown myself into the deep end by ordering a kit that was clearly aimed at the more progressed felter. I did it though and I still have my first fox on my sideboard.

What has been the most challenging thing you have made and why?

A recent commission of a highland cow, the long fur was a challenge then moulding his horns tested my patience but I kept going with it and the end result worked out brilliantly.

Which piece of work are you most proud of and why?

Ooh that will be another recent piece which is an Emperor Penguin, I had made a penguin once before and it wasn't so great, so this time I really wanted to push myself and go for a more realistic look. I was so proud of myself once I had finished it. You know when you keep looking at it and thinking 'did I really just make that?!' I did that a lot with this particular creation hehe!

What do you enjoy most about needle felting?

It is an escapism, it's a fantastic way to wind down and being able to create your very own favourite animals.

What’s your favourite fibre to felt with?

Carded wool. New Zealand carded batts are fab and felt so fast.

What is your favourite needle?

38g is a good all-rounder for me.

What has been the most important lesson you learned so far on your needle felting journey?

Take your time and if you ever feel like you need a break then take one and don't stab too hard.

Who are your favourite felting artists?

You obviously I absolutely adored the fox you recently made, it is amazing. The Gentleman Felter and Mikaela Bartlett.

What are you working on right now?

I am currently working on a set of traditional coloured pumpkins for a friend's hair salon.

What would you like to make in the future?

A hedgehog, maybe another fox and definitely a red deer stag

Do you have any words of wisdom for newcomers to needle felting?

I am still only a newbie myself but what I have learned is:

Perseverance is key, just keep creating things and have fun and most of all don't beat yourself up if it doesn't go to plan. It is a wonderful hobby, great for your mental health too.

I hope you found Sarah's needle felting journey inspiring! You can find Sarahs work as Sare's Bears on Instagram here and Face Book here where you can also contact her about commissioning a special piece of workfor yourself.

Finally, to round up this interview, I would like to share some of my favourite pieces that Sarah has made, I just love her bears and the colour choices she makes. I can just imagine cuddling one of them and feeling how soft the wool is. Beautiful.

If you would like to be featured in the Maker's Spot Light interview and have made creations using wool purchased from The Woolly Rabbit, then get in touch via email here

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