Humpback Whale needlefelting online course and felting pack

A larger project at approx. 18 inches in length, the Humpback Whale is the latest felting kit with accompanying online course.

The whale has a very simple armature making it posable and the single wire running through the body makes a great introduction to using wire in a larger felting project.

aThe course has been broken down into seprate bite sized lessons making it easy to follow along. Concentrating on one lesson at a time enables you to focus on each task in turn so more time is spent smoothing out, adding detail etc.. resulting in a better quality finished piece.

The aim of this larger project is to encourage you to feel more confident with using a basic armature and to think about where the wire is in relation to the core wool that is padded around it. The placment of the wire and application of the core wool makes a big difference to the shape of the whale.

Also, working larger is easier as it gives more room for your hands to work and allows you to add more detail. The finishing details can really make your project jump from good to amazing!

Finally, a really important part of the whale in particular, is the use of symmetry. Learning and thinking about the placement of the fins, eyes and other features so they are aligned and balanced on both sides helps to avoid wonky whales!

The course on it's own is available here and the course with felting pack is available here (there are limited amounts of the felting pack)

A short video showing you what is inside the felting pack!

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