Using plastic waste with wool

A collection of plastic packaging ready to be sorted through. The plastic needs to be free from food, moisture and strong smells, so it is washed and dried if needed.


I also save the plastic nets that satsumas/onions etc come packaged in and use these to stuff the plastic in. It is then tied up tightly with garden string to keep it all contained. 


Most of my large woolly scultures have an armature (a basic wire skeleton) and the way I make the armature means that the 'spine' is made first so it allows me to thread it through the plastic netting.

Once the spine is attached I can begin wrapping the plastic body shape in wool batting, smoothing it into place with my hands before needle felting to secure the batting into place. Eventually the body takes shape and limbs are added and then the top coat.

You can watch how I began making a Sperm Whale using plastic waste.

It was whilst looking at a large carrier bag filled with household plastic packaging and wondering what on earth I was could do with it, that it suddenly dawned on me to start using it to build up the core body shapes of my larger woolly sculptures.

Here is an overview of how I utilise household plastic waste into my needle felted woolly sculptures.