Guide - mini e booklet wool,needles, mat_

Are you new to needle felting and feeling a little overwhelmed or confused about all the different types of wool and felting needles?

Would you like to avoid making all the frustrating mistakes I made when I started needle felting?

I've put together a mini e-booklet that explains to you:

  1. what wool you should be using and why so you can achieve better results and faster!

  2.  the different gauges of felting needles and what to use when.

  3.  three popular felting mats so you can choose the right one for you.


Download your free guide today so you can make the right choices and set yourself up for success!

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As a bonus, I will also send you some super helpful hints and tips over the next couple of weeks. These are common questions I get asked so I hope you find them useful and informative :-)