Carded 70% New Zealand 30% Bergschaf wool Melanges for felting 

Carded 70% New Zealand/30% Bergschaf wool for felting. These stunning batts in the 'Melange' range are available in a dreamy blend of subtle colours. These delicate shades are perfect for 'painting with wool' in 2D pictures or 3D sculptures. Super easy to felt as the carded fibres are loosely criss crossed so they feel light and lofty with a nice crimp. This enables the wool to easily felt together to give a fast felting experience. 

The 30% Bergschaf makes this blend very soft to the touch


I would highly recommend using some core wool to start your 3D project and use these coloured batts for the top coat so you can use them for more projects.

For the quickest results I recommend using a 36/38 guage needle in either a triangle or star/spiral. The fibres also smooth down nicely if you go over them with a finer guage needle like a 40 triangle or star/spiral. Available in  a range of colours to get your imagination going!