Galaxy Melange Carded Corridale wool for felting

A stunning blend of Carded Corridale wool in easy to use slivers (long  strips pulled off a carded batt). The Galaxy Melange collection contains 10 colours of carded wool. Each main colour has been mixed with hints of black and varying amounts of other colours to create unique cosmic blends! Use them as they are or mix them with each other to create even more 'out of this world' colours for your projects.


These are super easy to felt with as the fibres are loosely criss crossed and remain lofty and light with a nice crimp. This enables the wool to easily felt together to give a fast felting experience. For the quickest results I recommend using a 36/38 guage needle in either a triangle or star/spiral. The fibres also smooth down nicely if you go over them with a finer guage needle like a 40 triangle or star/spiral. Available in a a range of colours to get your imagination going!

needle felted Alpaca


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