Needle felted Agaric Mushroom making kit

Needle felted mushroom
making course

Needle felt a collection of realistic Fly Agaric mushrooms at different stages in their lifecycle.

Needle felt a collection of five Fly Agaric mushrooms. Explore the different stages of mushroom growth and how to interpret this using wool.

Learn how to use colour, shading, texture and detail to add depth and realism to your mushrooms.

The mushroom making course is delivered through pre-recorded video  tutorials which are organised into bite sized lessons. There is the option to buy the course tutorials on their own or with the accompanying felting kit.

Fly agaric mushroom making needle felting kit
mushroom making neede=le felting kit Fly Agaric

What's included in the course?

  • 3 detailed video tutorials broken down into easy to follow lessons showing you how to make three of the lifecycles: baby button, button mushroom and an open mushroom with exposed gills (which can be used to make the three bigger mushrooms)

  • PDF file of reference images

  • Template sheet to guide you with the measurements

  • Materials list

  • Optional supply pack which contains plenty of wool to make 5 Fly Agaric mushrooms at the different stages in their lifecycle.

  • Plus the BONUS material listed below

Baby button mushroom Fly Agaric
Button mushroom Fly agaric
Fly agaric needle felted msuhroom

Baby button

Button mushroom

Open mushroom

Bonus Material

Also included are two bonus video tutorials on how to make a King Oyster mushroom and a colourful Lobster mushroom


An alternative way to make the mushroom gills using wool felt.

King Oyster mushroom felting tutorial
Lobster mushroom needle felting
Yellow fly agaric with wool felt gills
mushroom making neede=le felting kit Fly Agaric

Video Course & Supply Pack

The supply pack contains the wool and materials needed to make the Fly Agaric mushrooms. This includes core wool, coloured wool and printed PDF copies of the reference images and measurements.



Video Course Only

If you already have the supplies, you can purchase the video course on it's own.