Needles for felting

Needles for felting. A range of high quality needles for dry and 3D felting, supplied in an eco friendly Kraft envelope to keep them safe. Refer to the handy guide at the bottom of the page  to help you choose the right needles. For further help read the blog post on felting needles which you can find here.

Triangle needles guide 

available in a 32, 36, 38, 40 and 42 guage


The 32g is a strong needle that is good for working with coarser fibres and firmly attaching arms and legs to bodies etc. It isn't very good for finishing the surface of a piece of work as it leaves puncture holes and is to strong for finer details like eyes, mouths etc...

The 36g is very similar to the 32g with similar properties.

The 38g makes a good all rounder, good for building up the core shape of work, attaching pieces together and adding some detail. For finer details you need to move up to a 40g. (I made a video on 6 ways to use a 38g triange needle as it's my favourite needle, you can find it here).

The 40g is a finer needle for adding details and smoothing down the surface of your work. It isn't so good with coarser wools and for building up core shapes (it would take you a long time!) Finally,

The 42g is a very fine needle, best suited to the delicate addition of features and also for smoothing down finished pieces and needling over holes left by smaller guaged needles.

Please note the following:

Care needs to be taken when using felting needles as they are very sharp, children under 16 should be supervised by an adult when using them. 

It is important to note that felting needles are very delicate and  easily broken. To reduce breakages use the needle in a straight in and out motion and do not wriggle or bend the needle. Don't force it into your work. The needle is best not bent, wiggled or put under a lot of pressure.