Environmental Policy


I endeavour to make my needle felting kits and postal packaging as environmentally friendly as possible so please note the following:


Needle Felting Kits:

I do not supply a foam felting base to work on. After a few uses they break up and get stuck to your work resulting in them being thrown in the bin. Instead, I use  and sell hessian rice sacks which can be re used many times and then recycled. You need only purchase one of them and then any additional needle felting you do can be done on the same rice sack.

You buy the empty sack, fill it with rice and sew up the opening. The rice can be re used in a different sack and the old hessian will compost down in the compost heap.

Spare wool will be made good use of by the birds at spring time or you can  compost it down in the compost heap. You can also add it to the lining of your flower pots and it will help retain moisture.

I hope you will keep your felted creation however, should you wish to recycle it the wool can be composted, the pipe cleaners can be recycled with metal waste at a household recycling centre (as can snapped or blunt felting needles, you may also be able to dispose of felting needles in the sharps disposable bins at some GP's and Pharmacists) and the plastic eyes can be re used or recycled with hard plastic waste also at a household recycling centre.

The instruction booklet (on older stock) is recyclable and the ink cartridges used to print it are sent to Recycle for Charity who donate the proceeds to my chosen charity (Cats Protection Bristol & District Branch) Most of my kits now use downloadable PDF instructions to save paper, printing and electricity.

Needles and eyes are securely contained in a Kraft envelope which is reusable and recyclable.



Your needle felting kit is packaged in paper bag which you can re use to store your left over wool and eventually recycle. The postage box/envelope can be reused and/or recycled. The sticky packaging tape is also biodegradable, compostable and recyclable so doesn't need to be removed from the packaging. 

The logo stickers are printed on kraft paper and are recyclable

The labels on my kits are recyclable and are stuck on with a starch based glue.


I regularly review my suppliers list to ensure that I am contributing to sustainability and the reduction in the carbon foot print of my produce.

Last updated December 2019