Beginners guides to needle felting

Are you just starting out needle felting and are feeling confused by the different terms for types of wool? What is the difference between carded wool, batts, slivers, rovings and tops? What wool is best for needle felting? Overwhelmed by needles gauges and what tools you really need? Then take a look at these articles and video to make things clearer! 

You can find some free tutorials so you can felt along with me here


A handy guide to how I make templates from card for some of the felting tutorials

In this video I show you the difference between core wool, carded batts, carded slivers and wool roving.

In this video, I show you how to make wrap a pipe cleaner tightly in wool.

Ever wondered how much wool is in 10g's or 50g's? In this video I show you how much wool these amounts are.


During this video I show how I make a core body shape using batting and then how to apply a top coat of colour.

In this video, I show you how to make an egg shape using core wool.

Using my favourite 38g triangle felting needles, I show you the 6 ways I use my needle to accomplish different things when working on a project.