Austrian Bergschaf Melange

Carded Austrian Bergschaf wool for felting. This collection of carded slivers in the 'Melange' range are available in 20 different colours.

These amazing blends of colours are perfect for 'painting with wool' in 2D pictures or 3D sculptures. Super easy to felt as the carded fibres are loosely criss crossed so they feel light and lofty with a nice crimp. This enables the wool to easily felt together to give a fast felting experience. 

Excerp from the wool mill:


'The robust wool of the Tyrolean mountain and stone sheep, which spend their summer in the Ötztal on pastures up to 3,000 m high, is  purchased locally from around 400 sheep farmers in the Tyrol region. The sheep are of particular importance as landscape conservationists in the Alpine valleys of Tyrol. They ensure that this cultural landscape is preserved. The mountain sheep are sheared twice a year (in spring and autumn) and the wool naturally comes in the colors white, brown, natural black and mixed colors.'

If you are interested in how the wool is processed on the drum carder through to the sliver, then take a look at this video here


I would highly recommend using some core wool to start your 3D project and use these coloured slivers for the top coat so you can use them for more projects.

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