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Are you interested in learning how to needle felt? Feeling a bit overwhelmed and confused by all the different types of wool and felting needles? Have you got a lovely image in your mind of what you want to make but the wool is having none of it?

Yep, I’ve been there too but I can tell you that with a little know how and a good dose of determination mixed in with plenty of practice, you will soon be able to produce very pleasing results that you are very satisfied with :-)


The Woolly Rabbit is a place where you can learn about needle felting and how to do it so you are happy with your results. I share a lot of information on my YouTube channel (links are all below) showing you complete tutorials, how to do basic techniques and my current works in progress. If you are in Bristol, you can come along to one of my in person workshops and learn first hand how to needle felt, checkout my website to find out when they are running.

You can also head over to my website and watch the instructional videos, download PDF templates and visit my shop where I sell needle felting kits that accompany the instructional videos. I also have some wool collections there too in my favourite carded batts (‘cos carded batts are a gazillion times easier to needle felt with than Merino or wool rovings/tops)

I’m Elaine, and I’ve been needle felting for several years now and made a lot of mistakes, I’ve made things I’ve had to hide from the children (so they didn’t have nightmares!) and I’ve made things that started as one thing and ended up as another! And sometimes I have made things and just given up on them...but, I kept going and now I’m mostly pleased with what I make but more importantly I really enjoy it and want to share my learning journey with you!


You may like to follow my household plastic waste and needle felting project. A personal project and challenge to reuse my household  waste by incorporating it into my woolly sculptures. I'm currently sculpting whales. You can find out more about this here.

Finally, you can also find me on facebook and Instagram and I’m always happy to hear from you and see your work!

needle felted Alpaca


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